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You don’t have to travel alone on your holidays overseas or interstate or even on business trips. American escorts provide the perfect escorts travel companions, and they are easy on the eyes!. Talk with one of our ladies in admin today and discuss the various beautiful International escorts available who are available as a travel companion. Our private escorts are seasoned professionals in this line of service and can be as professional or carefree as you desire. Usually, you would have spent some time previously with one of our girls and already have a relationship in place. If not, discuss the ladies that are available, and we arrange an onsite meeting prior to your booking to screen and identify your personal or professional requirements. Prices are not rated by the hour and the package price for the companion service is negotiated directly with the lady of your choice.

Luxury High-Class Escorts in the United States

Should you be traveling interstate or overseas we have professional ladies available for all occasions to provide a high-class professional travel companion service? These high-class escorts in the United States are especially hand-selected as per your requirement and generally involve a deposit for our time to screen you and identify those special requirements that are of need. This service comes at a higher price and is negotiated directly with the admin and ladies at American escorts. The ladies of American escorts love to travel, and they are the perfect travel partners to have by your side when touring the United States or any place in the world. International’s best escorts are always ready to jump aboard a yacht or hop on to a private jet wherever the destination may be and turn the journey into one of the most exciting and extraordinary journeys one will ever experience. Taking a trip to new destinations elicits unimaginable excitement to our ladies, and it thrills them no end to have an opportunity to travel around the United States and the rest of the world in the company of powerful gentlemen. Some of our top-ranked escorts are jet-setters who have been to a lot of places and can be great travel companions who could turn your journey into one of the most fantastic experiences of your life. Be it on a private jet or a yacht, the ladies of American escorts are ready to serve as your personal travel companions and entertainers who can soak up the sun and play with you on the deck of your yacht or simply be naughty with you on the mile-high club in the skies. They also go the extra mile to learn about your planned destinations to ensure that they’d be the perfect travel companions you could have.

Choosing the right travel companion escorts in the United States

Choosing the right travel companion to escort you on your trip is not that easy, especially if you haven’t had the chance to experience the services of the lady or ladies that you intend to invite to join you. International or interstate trips and cruises usually last a few days, so it is important to exercise prudence when choosing the right agency to service your needs. The ladies of American Escorts are highly acclaimed travel companions recommended by reputable international trip advisors and lauded by our high-caliber list of global clients who often seek out our services whenever they intend to bring travel companions along on their trips. We are proud to have the best travel companions available in the United States who can guaranty that all the journeys of our clients will be the best they’ll ever have.

Treat your travel companions well

Our high-class escorts in the United States are used to living the glamorous life, and they work hard to maintain a certain level of lavishness in their lifestyles to keep up with our high-caliber clients from around the globe, simply put, International ladies have class. Never expect our ladies to ride in an economy class seat should there be a need to put her on a plane to rendezvous with you, or expect them to ride a taxi from the airport to the meeting place, it would be best to get them first-class seats and have them picked up by your chauffeur. Remember, first-class ladies, deserve first-class treatments so make sure to treat her right. If you treat your travel escort right, she will return the favor ten-fold and give you the first-class escort treatment that you deserve. Book now or contact us if you need help.